Maximize Your Box Potential Utilizing the Kundel Basic 3

Most large construction companies should have a wide variety of trench boxes in their fleet for different jobs. But for a small to medium size company, this is a way to open yourself up to take on the jobs you wouldn’t normally be able to do.

Obviously, you will have many more options by having 2 boxes. First of all, you can run 2 separate jobs at the same time utilizing them as light weight utility boxes. Or these boxes can be stacked giving you the ability to get the extra depth you need by using a simple stacking connector.

They even make a spreader system to raise the height of the spreaders inside, where the boxes are connected, which will provide easier installation of longer pipe.


The Square or Corner Connectors really expand the purpose of these boxes to include small pits and manhole work.

The spreaders can be totally eliminated by using the corner connectors, making a 3 or 4 sided trench box.

This is a great add-on if you already have 2 boxes. They manufacture corner connectors for almost all of our boxes.

Big Clear! Now you have the ability to work on pipe up to 54” in diameter without having to upgrade your machine or buy a new box!

As you can see, the Basic 3 is the most cost efficient and versatile steel box on the market! Especially when you combine all of the attributes and add-ons.

And last but not least, the Basic 3 can be shipped enclosed for minimal cost compared to shipping an standard 8’x8’ or larger box sent by flatbed.

This makes the Kundel Basic 3 very cost efficient for shipping and a lot easier to move from one job site to another once you have the box.

As you can see, the Basic 3 is an extremely lightweight box; in fact it is only slightly heavier than it’s aluminum counterparts at a fraction of the cost. Depending on the size, some of the B3 models are capable of reaching depths up to 24’ in C soil.

All of our Basic boxes are of a double wall, solid weld configuration, and come standard with the following features: Forged Steel Sockets, Steel Tamping Blocks, and Lifting Lugs giving your you the biggest bang for your buck!


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